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Reasons for Your Cat to Visit the Veterinarian for Routine Dental Cleanings

Cats are known for their meticulous grooming from head to tail, unfortunately, the one area they cannot clean on their own is their teeth and gums. Unfortunately, good dental care isn’t only beneficial for feline oral health, but for their overall health and well-being as well. Cat’s, just like humans and canines can develop gum disease, plaque, and tartar buildup and abscessed teeth. It’s important for you to clean your cat’s teeth and gums regularly, but it’s also important to take them to the veterinarian in Nashville for professional cleanings and exams as well. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s important for your cat to have regular dental checkups and cleanings.

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Gum Disease Is Painful

If you have ever had a toothache or a gum disease, you understand the pain. Cats that have dental problems also experience pain; unfortunately, they often hide their pain so you may not be aware they have a problem until it is severe. Routine dental exams from the veterinarian will allow you to know if your cat has a problem with their teeth or gums before it worsens.

Leads to Serious Medical Conditions

An infection in the mouth of feline that started as simple gingivitis may spread to infections in the bloodstream, lungs, and bones, which may be fatal. If your cat has another illness, such as diabetes, gum disease can complicate the disease and make it difficult to maintain their blood sugar, which increases their risk of the disease becoming chronic. Gum disease also increases the risk of heart disease, lung disease, immune system diseases, kidney disease, and possible heart failure.

Tips to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

Without regular cleaning, the tartar will begin to collect on their teeth and under the gum line. When tartar goes untreated, the bacteria release toxins that irritate your cat’s gums and may eventually cause their teeth to separate from their gums. The more the infection grows, the more it spreads throughout their mouth, eventually leading to tooth loss. The good news is, with a little patience, you can help prevent tartar buildup by regularly brushing your cat’s teeth.  The most important thing to remember when brushing your cat’s teeth is to use the proper tools; you should never use human toothpaste on feline teeth and be sure to talk with your dentist for a recommended toothbrush and instructions on how to clean the teeth and gums.

Although it’s important that you do regular cleanings at home, it is essential that you also schedule routine cleanings and dental exams with your veterinarian in Nashville.

To schedule your cat’s dental exam, contact the Nashville Cat Clinic.


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