Services Provided by Our Vet Team at the Nashville Cat Clinic in Tennessee

At the Nashville Cat Clinic, cats are the only type of animals we see. Our specialized focus allows us to provide the highest quality veterinary care services for well-loved local felines!

Veterinarian taking care of a catExams

Routine exams are an essential component to a cat's long healthy life, no matter what her age. We run preventive screens, assess your pet's weight, review her food, update any vaccines and medications, and monitor and manage any chronic health conditions, and as always answer any questions you have about her health.


Vaccinations help protect your cat against preventable and communicable diseases like rabies, distemper, and feline leukemia. Our Nashville vet staff will let you know when to bring your kitten in for her first round of vaccines and subsequent booster shots to maximize their effectiveness. 

Spay & Neuter Procedure & Other Types of Pet Surgery

Spay and neuter helps prevent unwanted litters and also can improve certain aspects of your cat's health and behavior. We also offer other types of surgery including emergency surgery and orthopedic surgery.

Pet Dental Care

Did you know that taking care of your pet's dental health can actually extend her lifespan? Our dental care services include examinations, preventive cleanings, and surgeries including tooth extractions. 

In-House Diagnostics

Sometimes we need to run lab tests of blood, urine, feces, or other samples in order to help us diagnose an underlying condition or guide treatment. Our convenient in-house diagnostics help us rule in or out conditions such as heartworm, tapeworm, urinary tract infections, and chronic health diseases like feline diabetes. 

House Calls

On Mondays, our Nashville veterinary care team offers house calls for local pet parents and their kitties. This service is for well patient visits only. You may want to take advantage of this unique area of service if getting to our cat clinic is a hardship. We can run exams, take blood samples, and more, all in the comfort of your own home (this is often less stressful for your cat, as well!). 

Cat Boarding

Going away or entertaining guests? If you need your kitty out of the house, we encourage you to take advantage of our cat boarding services. Your pet will be comfortable in her own space and provided with the exact type of care and attention she'll love. We can accommodate special diets and considerations, plus we offer the benefit of medical supervision.

Contact Us to Speak with a Veterinarian in Nashville at Our Cat Clinic

If you've been looking for a veterinarian in Nashville who can provide compassionate care for your feline, contact the Nashville Cat Clinic at (615) 361-1844 to schedule an appointment. 


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  • "Mishti and I had a great visit yesterday. Well, she didn't really like it but we just went in to have her nails clipped and the techs that did it were so professional and did it quickly, much to her relief. The person at the front desk was welcoming and cheerful as always. I feel really lucky to have found such an excellent vet so close to home."
    Daryl S / Nashville, TN