Nashville Cat Clinic Offers Diagnostics for Feline Health Problems

Cats can develop a wide range of illnesses and injuries that require veterinary treatment. Because they cannot provide much information about their discomfort and distress, veterinarians rely on diagnostic measure to determine the healthy problem and provide the appropriate treatment. At Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville, TN, we utilize a variety of diagnostic methods to help our patients maintain good health.



The use of x-rays in veterinary practice has helped veterinarians detect and treat illness and injury in felines for many decades. X-rays provide an image of the hard structures within the body, which allows vets to see broken bones, joint disorders, or foreign objects that have been ingested. An x-ray may also be used to determine the extent of cancer in the body. Cats are generally sedated for x-ray tests, so the technician can position the body properly for the most accurate image of the internal structures.

Digital Ultrasound

Ultrasonography uses sound waves that bounce off of soft tissues to produce an image, which is then translated into digital form on a computer screen. This technology allows veterinarians to view soft tissues, much like x-ray allows them to see hard structures. Ultrasound can be used for a variety of veterinary problems, including orthopedic issues, heart problems, kidney disorders, liver problems, and for detecting cancer.

Laboratory Testing

A variety of laboratory tests are used to provide information to vets about what’s going on in an animal’s body. Urinalysis can detect information about infection in the urinary tract or disorders of the kidneys. Fecal tests find internal parasites or evidence of problems in the gastrointestinal system. Blood tests provide detailed information about organ function and disorders that can arise with the heart, kidneys, liver, or other organs. Cytology tests are done on tissue that is extracted through a fine needle biopsy. This tissue is then examined under a microscope to analyze the type of abnormality and what type of treatment is needed.

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Dr. Waldrop, Dr. Boehman, and our staff at Nashville Cat Clinic are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for all our patients in Nasville, TN, and the nearby areas. We offer many veterinary services, including vaccinations, preventative care, wellness exams, dental care, surgery and emergency care. Call Nashville Cat Clinic today at 615-361-1844 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the diagnostic measure we use to keep cats healthy.






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