Kitten Care

A kitten brings in joy, excitement, and warmth. Kittens also need to be taken care of to lead long and healthy lives. At Nashville Cat Clinic, we understand that kittens need the proper medical attention to stay healthy and comfortable. We offer various kitten care services such as neutering, vaccinations, and dental care. Our animal hospital is cat-friendly, and we also make sure you are comfortable as we take care of your pet.


Ensure Proper Nutrition

Kittens need the right nutrition for good health and faster growth. Newborn kittens usually get their food from their mother for the first few weeks. If they have been separated from their mother, use commercial milk formula to feed them. For kittens older than five months, you should feed them with natural foods on top of commercial foods. Talk to your veterinarian in Nashville about what you should feed your kitten with. Mostly, kittens should be fed every two hours. It's also easy to know when they are hungry as they usually make noise and move around.

Comfortable Accommodations

Although kittens are fond of sleeping on couches and other comfortable places in the house, they also need their sleeping area. Get comfortable and easy to clean beddings for your kitten. Their sleeping area should be somewhere away from food, water, and litter tray. When it's very cold, you can place some heating pads under your kitten’s blanket.

Preventative Care

Start taking care of your kitten's health when they are still young. Frequent visits to the animal hospital are crucial so your kitten can be checked for parasites, worms, and some illnesses. Our veterinarian will also advise you on when to take them for vaccinations. 

Litter Trays

A litter tray is an essential accessory for a kitten. Cats are generally clean, and when you teach them how to use the tray, they will have no problem using it. Place it in a comfortable place where they can feel safe. Remember to clean the tray daily.

Regular Grooming

Grooming your kitten removes loose hair, dust, and other debris that may be stuck in their fur. However, make sure you don't make them uncomfortable as you groom them. Don't pull out hair, and be careful when using scissors not to hurt them.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Nashville for Kitten Care

At Nashville Cat Clinic, we offer exceptional kitten care services. We will be delighted to take care of your kitten and ensure they have a healthy and happy life. Our veterinarian in Nashville will also give you tips on the right nutrition to give to your kitten and advise you on when to bring them for vaccinations and checkups. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (615) 361-1844.


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