Cat Eye Infections

Nashville Cat Clinic Treats Cat Eye Infections

Occasionally, cats will develop eye infections, either as a result of a small injury or because of contain with an infectious agent. These problems often require veterinary care to eliminate the eye infection, so your cat can see clearly again and to preserve normal vision. At Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville, TN, we provide experienced care for common pet eye infections.


Signs of Eye Infections in Cats

You may begin to suspect an eye infection when your pet shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Redness of the eyes
  • Pawing in the eyes or face
  • Swelling of the eye tissues
  • Discharge from the eyes, crusting after sleep
  • Squinting
  • Difficulty seeing (small objects, treats)
  • Cloudiness of the eye surface
  • Third eyelid may protrude
  • Constant meowing or other signs of pain

Causes of Eye Infections

Cats may develop an eye infection as a result of an upper respiratory infection. Sometimes, cats may acquire a small injury to the cornea of the eye that becomes infected. They can also develop conjunctivitis, pink eye, from bacterial infection of the pink lining around the eyes. Allergies can cause eye problems, as well. Some cats may develop blocked tear ducts or dryness of the eyes that can become a threat to normal vision. Immune system disorders can cause damage to the internal structures of the eyes. Your veterinarian will examine your cat thoroughly and administer tests, if necessary, to determine the cause of the eye infection. In this way, proper treatment can begin immediately to clear up the infection and preserve vision.

Treatment of Feline Eye Infections

Generally, veterinarians use eye drops or ointment to treat feline eye infections. Some cats are not agreeable to being held tightly and having medication put in their eyes. If possible, find a quiet moment after cuddling or petting to gently apply the medication. If you are having difficulty administering medication for your cat’s eye infection, consult with your veterinarian for options that may be more successful. In some cases of immune system disease, an oral medication may be prescribed. If eye dryness is a problem, your vet may recommend regular application of artificial tears.

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Dr. Waldrop and the team at Nashville Cat Clinic specialize in the care of felines in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. We offer a range of veterinary services, including kitten exams, vaccinations, dental care, senior cat care, and surgery. We also offer house calls. Contact Nashville Cat Clinic today at 616-386-0107 for an appointment to have your cat examined and to learn about treatments for common feline eye infections.


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