Cat Vaccinations

The Benefits of Cat Vaccinations

The right vaccines can protect your cat from dangerous diseases. If you live in or near Nashville TN, and need assistance with cat vaccinations and cat care in general, please contact the Nashville Cat Clinic.

You can speak with a veterinarian from our animal hospital who specializes in caring for cats. Besides vaccinations, our vet can help with diet, spay & neutering, and many other things. For now, let’s look at why cat vaccinations are so important.


Cat Vaccinations: Which Vaccines Your Cat Needs and Should Consider

Every cat and dog and many other mammals should get a rabies vaccine. Rabies is one of the most dangerous diseases around and if your pet is exposed to rabies but does not get or have a rabies vaccine, he or she will likely die. Not only that, but rabies could also spread to other pets and even people in your household.

All cats should also get the FVRCP shot. This stands for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia vaccination and will protect your cat from a variety of dangerous diseases. While the shot does protect your pet from a variety of illnesses, it’s quite safe to administer. It’s also important that your cat be vaccinated against the feline leukemia virus.

These vaccines are considered core vaccines. That means every cat should receive these shots. Risks are generally low, from the vaccines themselves. If an unvaccinated cat is exposed to any of the above diseases, their well-being and even life could be at stake.

Non-Core Feline Vaccinations Explained

The above vaccines are considered “mandatory”, and all cats should get them regardless of lifestyle. The diseases protected against are both common and dangerous. Depending on where you live, your cat’s lifestyle, and other factors, a veterinarian at our animal hospital may also recommend “non-core” vaccines. These feline vaccinations are typically considered optional.

If your new kitten or cat is coming into a household with other cats, which increases the risk of diseases spreading, non-core vaccines might be recommended. Under certain other circumstances, our vet may recommend non-core vaccines for other reasons too.

While cats and kittens should be vaccinated as soon as possible, cat care doesn’t stop there. You may also want to discuss nutrition, healthy habits, how to train your cat, signs of serious diseases and problems, and other feline issues too.

Want to Discuss Cat Vaccinations? If You Live in the Greater Nashville TN Area, Please Contact the Nashville Cat Clinic.

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