Spay and Neuter FAQ's

Our team at Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville takes great pride in providing quality care and service to our feline friends. We have spayed and neutered many of our client's cats. This is a very important decision for all pet owners. You may need further information on the process before coming to a decision. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about spaying and neutering cats.


What is The Definition of Spay and Neuter?

These medical terms refer to the sterilization and castration of female and male cats. Spaying or an ovariohysterectomy is the removal of a female cat's ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus. This medical procedure will make her unable to reproduce and eliminate your female cat's heat cycle and breeding-related behaviors.

The term neuter refers to the castration of male cats. The medical procedure is called an orchidectomy as the male's testicles are removed. This will make him unable to reproduce and eliminate all of your pet's breeding behaviors.

What Age Should I Spay or Neuter My Cat?

Our veterinarians in Nashville recommend spaying or neutering your cat at the age of six months. There is no age limit for either sex to have these medical procedures. The biggest concern is making sure your pet is healthy enough to withstand the stress of an operation. However, older female cats who are not spayed are susceptible to contracting breast cancer and multiple infections in their uterus. Older male cats who are not neutered may contract a prostate disease or multiple tumors on their testicles.

Should a Female Cat Have Kittens Before Being Spayed?

This is a personal decision that is strictly up to you as a cat owner. Keep in mind, early age pregnancy does place a great strain on your pet's body. Often, the results could include a birth defect found in a kitten or two. Plus, your cat may experience trouble with nursing which could cause severe malnutrition in the litter. It is important to spay female cats before their first heat cycle as this will reduce the risk of tumors growing in their reproductive system.

Spaying & Neutering Pets in Nashville, TN

Our goal at Nashville Cat Clinic is to provide quality veterinary care to our feline friends. Our clinic is a full-service animal hospital that is operated by a group of highly-trained staff members. If you are considering either procedure for your pet, call our team today at (615) 361-1844 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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