Caring for Your Cat: The Physical Examination

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With some obvious differences, it's surprising how similar cat physical exams are to human physical exams. A physician or veterinarian will come to conclusions about the patient's overall health through a combination of taking a medical history and conducting a thorough physical examination. Also, just as with their human counterparts, cats' regular check-ups are very important as preventative medicine. Found early on, many diseases can be reversed or managed.  A kitten or middle-aged cat needs a once-a-year evaluation, and senior cats should be examined twice a year. 

Caring for Your Cat: The Physical Examination

Here is what a physical examination at the Nashville Cat Clinic consists of: 

Cat Annual Physical Examination

Your veterinarian may explore the following systems in a different order, but here is a check-list:

Alertness. Is the cat alert and responsive?

Gait.  Is there stiffness or a limp?

Skin and hair. Is the coat shiny? Are there bald spots or areas of irritation? A thick, shiny coat is an indicator of good health. 

Weight. Is the cat at a good weight, underweight, or overweight? 

Vital signs. Temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, capillary refill time are all recorded. 

Eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Are there cataracts? Are there ear mites? Is the nose moist? Is the throat clear? What condition are the teeth in? 

Heart and lungs.  These are listened to with a stethoscope, searching for heart rhythm or heart valve problems, or any breathing issues. 

Lymph nodes and glands. Are any enlarged or painful? 

Abdomen. Is there swelling or tenderness? Are there any masses? 

Paws and nails. Our furry friends run barefoot, so their paws need to be examined for cuts or other injuries to the pads. Long toe nails should be neatly and safely clipped. 

Although it may sound like a lot, the entire examination should take only a few minutes.

Cat Emergency Physical Examination

Nobody likes surprises, but sometimes issues come up at times other than the annual visits to the veterinary clinic. If you are taking your cat in for an emergency, the veterinarian will probably not go through a head-to-tail examination as outlined above. At that time, the veterinarian's focus will likely be limited to the specific area of concern and any systems that may be affected by it. After the emergency is dealt with, an appointment can be set up for a more thorough examination. 

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