X-Rays for Felines

X-rays provide our veterinarian with a way to look inside your pet to diagnose a variety of conditions. Because we offer in-house diagnostics at Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville, TN, you don't have to take your cat somewhere else for this test. We can take care of your cat from diagnosis through treatment.


Why Does a Veterinarian Require X-Rays?

Your cat's veterinarian may order x-rays for several situations. While you may associate x-rays with broken bones, this use is only one of many that our vet uses x-rays for. Dental problems, joint disorders, and swallowed objects are other reasons your cat's vet may ask for x-rays.

What Parts of the Body Does a Tech X-Ray?

Depending on where your cat has an issue, x-rays could cover various areas of the body. For example, your vet may order an x-ray of your cat's abdomen if your cat swallowed something. For joint problems, the vet will ask for x-rays of the extremities. Breathing problems may need imaging of the chest. While tooth problems require x-rays of your cat's mouth.

Will the Vet Sedate My Cat for X-Rays?

Most cats receive sedation for x-rays, especially for dental x-rays. Since some cats refuse to sit still, the sedation helps the feline to relax enough for the x-rays. While under sedation, your cat will stay in a position for the tech to take the necessary x-rays.

Do X-Rays Hurt a Cat?

X-rays are a non-invasive procedure that do not cause harm to your cat. The levels of radiation are very low, and your pet will not feel any pain during the procedure. As noted, sedation keeps your cat still enough for the x-ray tech to take the images, not because the procedure causes discomfort.

Are X-Rays the Only In-House Diagnostics My Cat Will Need?

In many cases, x-rays will provide the information needed by the vet to make a diagnosis. However, in some instances, your cat may need additional tests, such as blood tests or an ultrasound. These are also in-house diagnostics our cat clinic offers, so you don't need to go elsewhere if one of our vets orders these tests.

Make an Appointment for Comprehensive Cat Care

If your cat's vet has ordered x-rays or if you think your feline has a condition that needs monitoring with in-house diagnostics, let us know. With our complete services for cats, our veterinary staff can offer your feline comprehensive care. Make an appointment with us at Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville, TN, by calling our office at (615) 361-1844. We look forward to helping your cat.


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