Geriatric Cats

Importance of Veterinary Care for Geriatric Cats

Cats are excellent pets. Many people prefer cats over dogs because cats are independent animals. Cats don't need to be walked the way dogs do, and they clean themselves, so you don't need to worry about grooming so much. However, as your cat gets older, they will try to remain independent but will need more care from you at home and from the professionals. That's why our team at Nashville Cat Clinic is here to help maintain your cat's health in its senior age.  

geriatric cats

Frequent Vet Care

Even if your geriatric cat appears to be healthy, you should schedule regular appointments with our vets. As your cat gets older, it is more prone to health issues than younger cats. When you schedule regular pet care appointments for your animal, minor issues can be treated before they become life-threatening.

Watch for Changes in Weight

It is essential that you are on the lookout for weight gain and weight loss in your cat. If your cat suddenly puts weight on, it can result in chronic health conditions that can shorten its lifespan. In addition, paying close attention will make it easier to know when your cat needs to see our vets. You should also watch out for weight loss. Weight loss can signify serious issues such as hypothyroidism, intestinal disease, and diabetes.

Watch for Signs of Pain

Cats are great at hiding their pain and discomfort from us. However, as your cat gets older, it is at risk for arthritis and degenerative joint disorders. If your cat has trouble using the stairs or no longer jumps on the furniture the way it once did, your cat is likely in pain. There are medications available that will help with the pain and improve your cat's range of motion, which will enhance its overall well-being.

Make Your Home Senior Cat Friendly

As your cat gets older, he or she won't be able to get around the way it once did. In addition, it can become increasingly difficult for your cat to get comfortable. However, there are ways you can make your home more senior cat-friendly, making your pet more comfortable and life easier for it.

  • Place food and water dishes and litter boxes in multiple areas of the home. This will make it easier for your cat to reach these essentials throughout the day.
  • If your pet is having trouble jumping up to its favorite resting spots, such as your bed or the couch, a set of pet stairs will make the task easier.
  • Provide raised food and water bowls, so your cat doesn't need to strain its neck while eating and drinking.
  • Provide extra padding to your cat's bed. As your cat ages, he or she will need extra padding to keep them comfortable.
  • As your cat gets older, it can become increasingly difficult for it to groom itself thoroughly. If your cat seems to be grooming less frequently or struggling, you can get a comb or a cat glove and help your pet.

Contact Us for Senior Cat Care in Nashville, TN

Even the most independent cats need some help when they get older. Our veterinarians at the Nashville Cat Clinic can schedule your cat for regular preventative visits. We can also give you some senior cat care tips to improve your life and the life of your aging cat. We understand that geriatric cats need additional care. That's why our team is committed to providing quality veterinary treatment when cats need it most.  Contact us to schedule your cat's next exam today. 


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