Pet Boarding FAQs

As much as you love your cat, you can’t always take her with you when you travel. Fortunately, for Nashville, TN, cat owners, that isn’t a problem, as they can board their felines at Nashville Cat Clinic. The following pet boarding FAQs provide greater insight into the benefits of boarding your cat when you travel.

Who can benefit from boarding services for their cat?

Anyone who needs help caring for their cat while they’re traveling can benefit from what pet boarding has to offer. At Nashville Cat Clinic, we offer boarding solutions for any occasion. Whether you’ll be gone a few days to attend a special event or a week or two on extended vacation, you can have confidence that your cat is in good hands. Pet boarding is beneficial for senior cats on medication, cats with special needs, a new kitten or cats who suffer from separation anxiety, as your pets receive constant attention and care.

How does pet boarding differ from hiring a cat sitter?

A cat sitter may check on your kitten or cat once or twice a day, feed your pet and clean out its litter box while you’re away. At our facility, we spend personal time with your pet, provide opportunities for exercise and play and monitor her health. We follow your schedule for meals, medication, vitamin supplements and other dietary needs. Our vet will also monitor your feline for signs of health issues. Our level of personal pet care can make a big difference to the health and happiness of your cat while you’re away.

How should I prepare my cat for pet boarding?

Make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date before boarding to protect her from contagious diseases. If your cat needs boosters, contact your Nashville, TN, vet to have this done before bringing boarding begins. It would also be good to schedule a checkup with your Nashville veterinarian to verify your cat’s in good health and free of fleas and ticks.

Why should I board my cat at Nashville Cat Clinic?

At Nashville Cat Clinic, we share your love for cats. We know how difficult it can be to travel and leave your cat behind. Our conscientious pet boarding services will give you peace of mind that your cat will be well cared for while you’re gone. We also have an experienced veterinarian on our team to meet your cat’s medical needs. If quality pet care is important to you, Nashville Cat Clinic is the perfect place to board your cat.

Board Your Cat with Us!

To schedule a visit to our boarding facility or to reserve boarding dates for your cat, contact Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville, TN, at 615-361-1844.


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