Pet Boarding FAQs

When you own a cat, a sudden business trip or extended vacation could present a problem if you can’t take your feline companion along. At times like these, pet boarding offers a viable solution for your cat's care. At Nashville Cat Clinic, we offer quality pet boarding services to cat owners in Nashville and surrounding communities. These FAQs from our Nashville veterinarian provide greater insight into boarding your cat with us.  


Is boarding a good option for my cat?

Pet boarding at Nashville Cat Clinic offers many advantages to leaving your cat at home alone to be checked on every now and then by a sitter. Our facility is safe, warm, and clean and your cat will have plenty of personal space to relax or play. Your cat will also be cared for by experienced caregivers who will take time to bond with your pet to help her feel loved while you’re away.

What are the advantages of boarding my pet at a veterinary clinic?

If your cat requires special care, is on a special diet, or takes medications, a veterinary clinic is the perfect option for boarding your pet, as a veterinarian is close at hand to provide medical care if needed. Our staff will ensure your cat gets her medications regularly during your absence and will take time to monitor her health. In the event of an emergency, our veterinarian will provide prompt and effective care.  

Is my cat at risk of getting sick or contracting a contagious disease at a boarding facility?

At Nashville Cat Clinic, we’re just as concerned about your pet’s health and welfare as you are. That’s why we require that all kitten and cat boarders are accompanied by documentation of medical conditions and have their vaccinations up to date to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We also take measures to keep your pet safe from accidents and injuries while she’s in our care.

How can I make it easier for my cat to adjust to boarding?

One way to make it easier for your cat is to bring her own food, favorite treats, serving bowls, and toys when she comes to board so she will be surrounded by familiar items during her stay. This will help her feel more comfortable and secure. Your cat can also come for day visits before her extended stay to become accustomed to our facilities and staff.

Board Your Kitten or Cat with Us!

Nashville Cat Clinic is your one stop location for pet boarding and quality pet care. To make reservations to board your cat, contact our Nashville veterinarian at 615-361-1844 today.


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