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Leaving your pet for a trip or due to family matters is never easy. With cats, it can be even more difficult as your best friend likely has a few personality quirks or preferences regarding personal space. Give yourself the peace of mind when leaving your feline behind, research pet boarding at a quality cat clinic, or a veterinarian’s pet care facility. By investing in boarding at a facility with a vet on staff, you have the benefit of knowing your feline's physical and psychological needs are considered when planning boarding arrangements. Nashville Cat Clinic specializes in a variety of veterinary services while offering top-notch boarding facilities for your feline friend.

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Comforting a Lonely Cat

In new surroundings and without their favorite human nearby, many cats become stressed in a boarding setting. At Nashville Cat Clinic, we strive to eliminate additional stressors for your cat and to create a warm, welcoming environment. Your cat will have personal space all their own for relaxation, play, and bonding with caretakers. For concerned pet owners, we can provide a personal tour of the boarding area before booking a stay at our clinic. Additional services include playtime and exercise with staff members to burn off any nervous energy and provide needed human interaction in your absence.

Maintaining Pet Safety

An additional concern with boarding a pet is safety. Providing solo quarters for your pet helps eliminate many negative aspects of the boarding experience. However, as a vet clinic, we also understand there are other safety concerns for pet owners. This is why we require medical documentation for each cat entrusted to our care. The documentation that we require includes vaccination and shot history as well as documentation regarding any other relevant medical conditions. Beyond ensuring a safe environment for all pets at our facility, this also prepares the staff for any special care that your pet requires, such as a medication regimen, a special diet, and monitoring for medical emergencies.

Soothing Lonely Humans

Taking care of a feline is only part of our boarding service. We also provide value-added offerings for concerned humans. Our clients receive regular text messages featuring updates on their pets and how they are handling the boarding stay. Pet friends can also maximize a boarding stay in a veterinary care clinic by combining other activities that are probably not your cat's favorites with the visit. These include grooming services, flea treatments, and other routine vet services.

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  • "Mishti and I had a great visit yesterday. Well, she didn't really like it but we just went in to have her nails clipped and the techs that did it were so professional and did it quickly, much to her relief. The person at the front desk was welcoming and cheerful as always. I feel really lucky to have found such an excellent vet so close to home."
    Daryl S / Nashville, TN