Spay And Neuter FAQs

Cat Spay And Neuter FAQs

The furry, purring addition to your family is adorable and so much fun to watch. You want to do the right thing by him, though. When he reaches about six months of age, he should be neutered to prevent the birth of kittens and to protect him from some diseases.

These are the most frequently asked questions we get about spaying and neutering cats at the Nashville Cat Clinic.

Q: What Are Spaying And Neutering?

A: Neutering is when the reproductive organs of an animal are removed. The female animal will have her ovaries and sometimes the uterus removed. This is called “spaying.” Males will have their testicles removed. This is called “neutering.”

Q: Will The Operation Hurt My Cat?

A: Sharp things hurt when they slice us open. It's the same for your feline friend. Your veterinarian, however, is there to help your cat get the proper care with as little pain as possible. Your cat will receive the right pain medications and anti-inflammatories to help with his recovery.

Q: What Diseases Does Neutering Prevent?

A: Neutering your female cat prevents hormones from interacting with cancerous cells. Cervical, ovarian, and mammary cancers are thus avoided. Feline leukemia is contracted through the bites of other cats as they mate. Although they are different from human leukemia, they can still be fatal.

While it is not a disease, neutering male cats prevent fights over and the seeking of female cats in heat. They will not spray in the house to mark their territory. The lack of hormones with neutering will keep your male cat at home.

Q: At What Age Should Cats Be Neutered?

A: Cats reach sexual maturity and can have kittens at four to six months of age. Females will become loud and males will spray everything. Your veterinarian will tell you there is no truth to the “let them have a litter first” myth.

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