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Tips for a Low Stress Veterinary Visit for Your Cat

It is important that you take your cat to the veterinarian every year. During this visit, the vet will examine your pet to ensure his overall health. Your cat would also get the necessary vaccinations. Some cats become very stressed out when going to the vet. If you want your visits to the vet to be stress-free, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Get Your Cat Used To His Carrier

It is a good idea to keep your cat's carrier out in the open where he can always see it. If it is always hidden in the garage or a closet, it will scare him when you bring it out. If you keep your cat carrier on the floor, he may want to go in it from time to time. When he sees the cat carrier all the time, he will be more likely to go in on his own when it is time to go to the vet.

Lure Him into the Carrier Calmly

If you force your cat into his carrier before his appointment with the vet, he will become stressed out. He won't know why this is happening, and it can cause serious anxiety. It is best to get your cat to get into his carrier on his own. If you put a few treats in the back of the carrier, he will likely go in to get them. When he does get into the carrier, close the door and head to your appointment.

Choose the Quietest Time at the Office

When scheduling your cat's appointment, you should ask to be scheduled for a time where the office is quiet. If you are in the waiting room and there are several barking dogs and meowing cats in the room, your cat will become especially upset. If the office is quiet, your cat will be calmer.

Bring Your Cat's Favorite Toy or Blanket

If your cat has a blanket that he loves to curl up on or a toy that he likes to snuggle, you should put it in his carrier. This will give him a feeling of familiarity which will keep him from getting stressed.

When taking your cat to the Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville for his annual exam, it is best to keep the visit as stress-free as possible. When you follow the tips listed above when bringing him to the cat clinic, your feline won't have negative feelings each time you put him in his carrier.  


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