Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Boarding

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Cat Boarding FAQs Answered By our Nashville Chiropractor

If you are a cat owner, and you recently found out you need to take a trip that requires you to be away from your pet for an extended time period, preparing for their care in your absence is of the utmost importance. Many people find that bringing their cat to be cared for by our veterinarian at Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville is a beneficial option. Here are some frequently asked questions about cat boarding to read over to help you decide if this option is right for you.

What Are Some Reasons For Boarding A Cat?

There are a few reasons why someone would want to bring their cat to a boarding facility if they are unable to care for the animal themselves. A cat that requires medical care fares better at a facility where a veterinarian is present rather than staying at home where they may be tended to sporadically by a caregiver. A cat that suffers from anxiety issues or loneliness will have someone available at all times to tend to their difficulties as well. Cats with strict dietary needs will be monitored to ensure they get the right nutrition without incident. Taking a pet to a boarding facility also keeps your home secure as no one will be accessing it to care for your cat.

Why Is It Important To Board A Pet?

If you leave your pet at home alone, there is always the risk of an emergency occurring. If a cat is unsupervised, help may not be administered in a timely manner. This could put your cat in the unfortunate situation where they deal with pain, or worse, death.

Why Choose Our Facility For Boarding?

We have staff members available to look after your pet around the clock, giving you the peace of mind their care is handled appropriately. Our veterinarian is also available to handle medical needs. Cats are kept in spacious living quarters with their comfort in mind.

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If you are interested in cat boarding, contact Nashville Cat Clinic in Nashville. Contact (615) 361-1844 to find out more.


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