Maintaining Routine for Your Cat During Holidays

Maintaining Routine for Your Cat During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and that means parties, gift-exchanges, cookie swaps, and plenty of get-togethers with family and friends in the weeks ahead. If you're a pet parent keen on hosting a holiday soiree, it's important to remember to keep things low-key for your cats and maintain routine throughout the holidays.

Here at the Nashville Cat Clinic, your full-service veterinarian in Music City, we have tips to keep your feline calm and comfortable during the frenzy of holiday visitors.

Holiday House Rules Shouldn't Favor Your Guests

When it comes to friends or family versus our pets, some of us don't feel comfortable asking guests to respect that pets will be part of the festivities. While it's not OK to let your pet counter surf or crawl in someone's lap while they're eating, routines shouldn't change drastically if they're going to affect your pets.

If your cat absolutely needs to be confined, make sure the room they'll be staying in has water, food, and other necessities. If your cat is uncomfortable and anxious, make sure their emotional comfort isn't neglected because of your holiday happenings.

Say 'No' to Tinsel, Mistletoe, and Holly

Part of maintaining a routine during the holidays might mean fewer festive decorations than the next-door neighbors have. That's because cats are attracted to shiny, light-catching objects, and curious about new plants. No one wants to be taking a trip to the emergency vet this time of year, so keep in mind that cats and Christmas decorations don't mix.

If You're Going Away, Find Reliable Pet Sitters

Unlike dogs, cats don't need to be let outside to do their business and they don't need a scheduled walk during the day. Routine is still important, however, so if you're going away for the holidays make sure you find a reliable pet sitter to check in on your cat.

For more tips from the Nashville Cat Clinic, call us today at 615-361-1844 or drop us a message on Facebook. Happy Holidays!


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